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Welcome. Horizon Screen Print
is a unique business. Every
image is printed by hand. For the
past twenty-five years and more
we have chosen to follow a
middle way between the rigors
of evolving technologies and
the heart of craft.

Our experience has been that a
master printer brings a quality of
awareness to each project; to
each instance. Horizon’s aim and
aspiration is to provide the best
of both worlds. To what extent
have we succeeded in this
effort? We invite you to decide.
Payment is accepted by check or money order. We do not, at this
time, accept credit cards. However, by arrangement with PayPal
you may choose to e-mail payment to us using your credit card,
debit card, or transfer from your bank account. We are confident
that this arrangement is secure and reliable
Custom printed Tshirts from Horizon Screen Print are affordable,
comfortable and always beautiful. High quality cotton construc-
tion and hand-printed attention to detail produce a good result.
It is easy to order custom printing from Horizon. Use the tools
available on our
Custom Printing page to visualize your next
Visit the Liberation T-Shirt page featuring T-shirts imprinted with
Dharma and Taoist themes. The
Floating World Flag Company
offers contemporary and traditional prayer flags. If you don’t find
what you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to
contact us! If you
have your own ideas take a look at our Custom Printing page.